About The Feminist Guide

Who We Are

The Feminist Guide is a podcast that was born from the ‘Stanford Rape trial’. The trial depicted the systematic lawful support of Rapists that has slowly become a socio-cultural crisis. The cycle of rapists going through trials and getting a slap-on-the-back sentencing by most times’ male judges might be unfathomable to some but has become an ugly reality that is scarier than the ‘upside-down world’ in stranger things. The unanswered truth is that it isn’t unusual for rapists to get zero-to-low sentencing which impacts the amount of women that come forward about an assault or press charges. This current predicament which is a national and human shame has made it necessary for us to start a podcast series that will give women the power to speak on various issues that affect our daily lives.

The main purpose of the Feminist Guide Podcast which is a ‘round the table’ podcast

is to educate women on the importance of feminism and ultimately help women hone their

voices. The weekly podcast which will take place in the Boston area, will

be hosted by Folake Rotimi and have various female guest speakers from different educational background that will converse about various Mass NOW’s priority issues. The topics discussed will include: how to utilize one’s constitutional and civil rights, the importance of feminism, various help outlets for domestic violence victims, racial discrimination/sexism, and reproductive and health discrepancies females face according to race. The Podcast will be available on numerous outlets like iTunes, You Tube, Sound Cloud, BlogTalkRadio, Audioboom Libsyn, and PdBean. Also, the goal of the podcast is to have a long-lasting impact on the female community by forming a group of sisterhood and mentorship that will be constantly accessible.


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About The Founder


Folake who was the 2018 MASS NOW 'Feminist in Action Grant Award' winner is the founder and creator of the Feminist Guide podcast. Folake’s podcast will focus on the importance of feminism and provide a platform to discuss issues that affect women in their daily lives. Folake will host these conversations and will also include guest speakers from various fields of expertise. Through her podcast Folake hopes to bridge gaps in understanding what feminism looks like in practice and engage her audience in conversations that show standing up for women’s rights is standing up for human rights.

Quote From The Founder

"Growing up in Nigeria, violence against women is a normal habit perpetuated by gender-biased stereotypes. A man hitting a woman is putting ‘her’ in her place and often covered up. This social-cultural dynamic in my home country is one of the main reasons why this project very important to me. That’s why it’s important to address the issue in a conversational setting. Addressing the issues that women face across the globe isn’t about shaming men but educating people on the necessity of our rights. In today’s society, women still need reassurance that being a feminist is okay! Women still need to be reassured that speaking up for unequal pay in the workforce is right! Lastly,

women still need to know that standing up for women’s right is standing up for human’s right."- Folake Rotimi.

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