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The Feminist Guide Podcast mission is to educate women on the importance of feminism and ultimately help women hone their voices. The weekly podcast which will take place in the Boston area, will be hosted by Folake Olayinka and have various female guest speakers from different educational background that will converse about various Mass NOW’s priority issues. The topics discussed will include: how to utilize one’s constitutional and civil rights, the importance of feminism, various help outlets for domestic violence victims, racial discrimination/sexism, and reproductive and health discrepancies females face according to race.


July 1, 2020, By Folake Rotimi

For the first episode, Folake Rotimi explores the 'weird brain' of an African feminist with special guest Bukky Olayinka. With the fish out of water feeling still very much in place, these ladies try to reason with the formal definition of feminism while tearing apart why and how the backlash against the feminist movement in the African community is gratifying. The tangled concept of 'The female metamorphosis' is introduced and sets the conversation towards a path of self-realization and brutal honesty. This special conversation between two sisters leads to the debate on the impact of feminism and how it has helped  frame our ongoing female metamorphosis.

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August 10th, 2020, By Folake Rotimi

Once upon a time, they were just little boys. They played with girls or boys and pleaded to be their knight in shining armor. So, what went wrong? Well, society's macho molding of a man turned them into the unrepentant villain in a story that doesn't seem to have a happy ending.


This upcoming podcast will discuss how systematic coverings of rape crime in families and society has rendered the victim powerless and subconsciously given power to the perpetrator. Withholding nothing back, we will dive into the current state of rape culture and debate how we can make changes.

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August 17th, 2020, By Folake Rotimi

In the new age of feminism, morphing into a female power is a metamorphosis that borders the unknown. As millennials, we are told that feminism = strength. In secret we compare ourselves to 'dem feminists' and find ourselves lacking. The independence that blazes in bold letters on the forefront of their banners might make some of us feel less than feminists'. Yet, these thoughts should not hinder us from exploring our feminine power. For there are steps to the top of every mountain and before we become 'dem feminist' there are three stages to the metamorphosis we have to accomplish. 

This podcast will detail the first stage of the female metamorphosis and the path to achieving it. The feminists will be informed on how the first stage of the metamorphosis involves the arduous process of a woman's transformation into a butterfly. Furthermore, we will delve into the spectacular process of a 'caterpillar morphing into a butterfly', and learn how we too can build our own cocoon and transform into a butterfly in today's world.


July 28th, 2020, By Folake Olayinka

In the Nigerian community, speaking out against sexual assault is a process that still involves victim blaming. After one gathers the courage to speak, the three fingers pointed often times overshadows the truth. In today's 'me too' movement, women feel the cold disbelieve of not being believed and men feel a forewarning on how they can also be the next man standing at the gallows. 

This podcast will discuss how believing a victim isn't a 'he said' versus 'she said debate. Special Guests will be called to discuss why people feel both sides matter and why both sides shouldn't matter. Ultimately, feminists will get a better understanding on how rape culture continuous to live on.

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Aug. 1, 2020, By Folake Rotimi

Pro life or Pro choice, we can all agree that abortion is a serious issue. But, before some cut their scarlet letters and paste it on others, let's sit down for a much needed discussion that doesn't involve any name callings.

This podcast will discuss abortion and abortion rights. intending to step on everyone toes we will talk about the 'pros' and the 'cons' of the right to abortion. Most importantly we will address the elephant in the room which is how religion has shaped our stance on this issue.

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Aug. 10th, 2020, By Folake Rotimi

The phenomenon of body enhancements is the new 'skinny' of our generation. Though some might believe we have made great strides in body positivity, however, the red banners of the perfect hourglass figure that floods our social media pages proves otherwise. Has society just inadvertently covered one obsession with another?


This podcast will discuss how 'hourglass figure' is the new anorexia. Special Guests will be called to discuss why people feel the need to enhance their bodies to fit a certain image. Most importantly we discuss how this affects our mental health and idea of body goals.