Naija Babes is an upcoming uncensored podcast updated every week. Hosted by your favorite babes, Folake, Bukky and Yetty. The podcast details the daily struggle, life decisions and relationships African females face. The podcast draws lessons from books, TV shows, and pop culture.

Coming in August 2020

NaijaBabe: The Single Life of a Naija Babe

By Folake Rotimi

For the first episode of the Naija Babes Podcast, the girls explain how it feels to be a single Nigerian girl in your 20s.

Naija Babes: The Rage of a Woman Scorned

By Folake Rotimi

Tyler's Perry Acrimony leaves us with deep burning rage and a reminder that we might not always reap were we sow...

Naija Babes: After The Wedding Party

By Folake Rotimi

As girls we start planning the perfect wedding party from a young age. But, has our obsession with the 'modern day fairytale' made us put too much emphasis on the wedding party and not the life after the party?

Naija Babes: Slay Mama

By Folake Rotimi

They say a single picture can tell a 100 stories and In the new age of instabadies, the photos tell anything but the truth. Looking at the life depicted through instagram can we still tell what's real or fake? if there is one thing we can tell is that most of us will do anything for the 'gram'.